New projects by liquidMaps & liquidDocs


The platform is developed in response to three challenges. The first of these has to do with the way the arts of movement articulate themselves in creative hubs, make their projects known, and store, order and exhibit the materials created by their working processes. 

We have set out to create, edit, order and relate in an interactive open archive the great multiplicity of projects that have been or are being carried out in the field of the arts of movement: the names and ‘family ties’ of the artists, the works and the circumstances… This archive helps us to look though the infinite windows of the Internet and the networks without feeling nervous about the immense amount of data, the extent of the links and the vast landscape of information, difficult to control and assimilate. There is, then, a first need to delimit the anxiety provoked by the huge and tangled mass of data, webpages, blogs, videos, presentations, virtual platforms… by means of a new guide that traces the ‘constellation’ of ideas, names and jobs, and thus serves as an archive, creation space and container.