The site has been created and edited by liquidDocs in 2014 to disseminate and promote the activities of the Maritime Museum in Barcelona, placing them in the world map.



The Maritime Museum in Barcelona is devoted to maritime culture with over 80 years of history institution. Its mission is to preserve, study and promote the maritime heritage of the country, one of the richest in the Mediterranean. It is located in the building of the Royal Shipyards, on the seafront of the city and at the foot of the mountain of Montjuic. 


The shipyards are declared a Historic Artistic Monument in 1976 by its historical significance in the construction of ships. This equipmentis managed by the Consortium of the Royal Shipyards and Maritime Museum of Barcelona, formed by the Barcelona City Council,Barcelona Provincial Council and the Port Authority of Barcelona. In 2006, the Barcelona Maritime Museum Museum is declared of National Interest.




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