New Maps and visions by Special Guests



liquidMaps expands to 32 cities that host the international project Special Guests; thus, liquidMaps will flow between creative materials that we will present you periodically.


 From Special Guests we offer you new Maps so that you can travel virtually through the most original, communicative, social, contextual, critical, protest, cooperative and educational new points of interest recommended by these innovative creators, visionaries and restless people.


In a moment of change and strong transformations, we experience a multi-focal and interconnected territory, like a big network with many knots within a tight-knit fabric of influxes, in which in the present and close future new infrastructures and technologies make overcoming barriers of space and time easy and favour new communities and collectives, not just of a supraterritorial, but also a glocal, nature.


The opportunities for work and visibility have varied, in a community that has recently seen how many of its cities have jumped into the international arena, revolutionised their urban and cultural life, and became a point of renewed interest among international cultural and touristic routes.


How has all this process influenced artists? And how might it influence the immediate future? Which cultural infrastructures should organise themselves, be formed or reinvent themselves to host the talent and creativity in this sector, situating it within new interdisciplinary networks?


Coming soon...