The site by Àngels Margarit_Mudances has been created and edited by liquidDocs in 2014 to disseminate and promote the activities of Margarit, placing them in the world map. studies the creative path of one of the most powerful and charismatic characters to appear in the latest lustrums of our land, Àngels Margarit. 


If anyone has shown their strength as a dancer and choreographer it has been
her. Besides the bold originality of her choreography, that has put Catalan dance on the avant-guard map, Margarit has  continuously demonstrated an exceptional lucidity in the various disciplines and fields she has passed through.

It suffices to point out, by way of example, in order to perceive the value of
her work on many levels, her contributions as a teacher and organiser of creative
and training structures, or her innovations in areas such as site-specifics and
para-scenic creations.


Who better than her, then, to feature in an edition that is born in hard times, but with the desire to build optimism, suggest possibilities, outline possible aesthetic, artistic and working directions.  




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